4 Tips & Tricks for a Mobile Referral Program

Mobile technology has changed how marketers think about traffic. With mobile quickly becoming the largest website traffic source, what does this mean from a referral marketing point of view? Referral marketers needs to have high-performing mobile websites and mobile applications. Learn how you can create and manage a beautiful, seamless referral user experience for your mobile site and app.

3 Reasons Why Referrals Increase Customer Acquisition for Subscription Services

Subscription businesses must have a strong lead generation and customer acquisition strategy. Subscription models work well because of the recurring revenue they generate. However, we understand your constant goal of engaging new customers to grow revenue. As a result, subscription marketers often focus your effort on lead generation tactics. Referral marketing is a tactic subscription companies must employ as it does exactly what you need: generate more revenue from the customers you already have.

How to Use Referral Marketing to Rapidly Grow your Subscription Business

If you’re in the subscription business, then you know how important it is to generate new customers. New customer acquisition is the ultimate method to scale a subscription business; otherwise, profits plateau or, even worse, dip. However, referral marketing is great additional lead generation technique because it not only generates new leads, but also acquires new customers.

Referral Marketing for E-commerce Brands: 6 Top Tips

Nothing pays off in the long term quite like customer loyalty, because it cascades throughout social networks (online and offline) and wins you more customers. Even those of us who enjoy doing research and reaching our own conclusions about brands tend to be persuaded by recommendations from friends or family members.

What is a Subscription Referral Program?

The e-commerce subscription market has grown over 100% per year for the past five years as industry leaders have generated more than $2.6B in sales. Subscription business models have become more popular for both B2C and B2B because they quickly generate recurring revenue. Referral marketing capitalizes on the popularity and success of subscription companies are currently seeing. Understand the inner workings of a subscription referral program and why referral marketing works for subscription businesses.

Why Referral Marketing Is Your Best Customer Acquisition Strategy

Gaining new customers is how businesses grow and generate more revenue. When it comes to developing your customer acquisition strategy, you must include a referral marketing program. Based on Talkable’s internal database and additional sources, there is significant data that proves referred customers share more, generate higher profit margins, are more loyal, and have a higher customer lifetime value (CLV).

How To Acquire New Customers Through A Refer-A-Friend Program

Customer acquisition is one of the largest expenses your marketing team has to deal with. Nevertheless, customer acquisition is necessary for business growth and expansion.

Tap Into Your Customers’ Social Network With Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing programs allow companies to get new customers without huge financial cost, capture email addresses, initiate a relationship, and start a conversation. New customer acquisition is the top priority and biggest challenge for businesses today. 

9 Tips to Prevent Fraud in Your Referral Program

If you’re concerned about referral fraud, you’re not alone. Running a refer-a-friend campaign is an excellent opportunity to reward your best customers. However, some people do see this as an opportunity to take advantage of your referral incentive.

How to Launch Your Referral Marketing Program

Starting your referral marketing program does not have to be complicated. It all boils down to setting a marketing objective, creating your program, and promoting it. In this blog, you’ll learn how to start your referral marketing campaign.

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